Blue Tour

What   does   come   to   our   minds   when   we   say   Blue   Tour? Endless  seas,   the   blue   meets  the   green   like   a   dream   of   achild or a painter’s love in his cove. What  is happening inthis picture then? Is it the view only that takes us away? Oris   it   the   feeling   we   have   when   it   is  said   a   blue   tour?   Thefeeling   of   relaxation,   the   sweetness   of   being   in   love,   thedrunkenness of feeling warm and cool, safe and free, all ofus going out for the blue tours, throwing ourselves into thelap of the blue. We want to the smell of the sea be togetherwith our hair, our skin, we look at the sea when we call theblue tour for its smell, the sound of the wind and many moreunexplainable emotions...In   big   cities,   we   get   tired,   we   are   working,   and   we   aredepressed   most   of   the   time.   Silence   is   now   foreign   to   us.Lights, colors, laughter and cries are all mingling in the year.What are we getting tired for? Where will it go? Okay, we'reall   depressed,   we've   got   to   get   down   into   the   arms   ofnature. We know how we can do this. During the year we donot  think much,  but we  understand  that  when the  heat  ofthe Aegean and Mediterranean coasts hit our faces in thatrush.   Let's   look   at   that   direction.   Let’s   see   that   so   it   canembrace us, the wind can caress us, and we can go back tobasics, to the nature...It's time to rent a boat. We will be guests in the blue watersof the comfort of our home with its white wings. We'll spoilourselves with good cuisine. All our fatigue will flow from ourshoulders.   The   meaning   of   the   blue   tour   will   be   to   findourselves and to forget ourselves at the same time.I'd like to take you on a tour first. We came out of Istanbul,hot, crowded, noisy and running to the arms of Bodrum. Weknow that we will embrace love. It's the first thing that wesee in Bodrum, the edge of the cliff, isn't it? The fishermanof   Halicarnassus,   with   a   poem   by   Cevat   Şakir   Kabaağaçlı,meets   you   with   the   sunset,   the   shining   sea,   and   salt   andoleander scents coming from the streets.Cevat   Şakir   Kabaağaçlı   was   also   here,   he   looked   for  morewith   the   taste   of   Bodrum,   Azra   Erhat   and   Bedri   RahmiEyüboğlu, perhaps he looks for it in a sip of rakı in his table.It was his passion, but this was a trip with the small fishingboat to, to see, to touch, to smell, to tell the others about
them.   He   told   us   enough,   so   that   we   realized   thesebeauties.   The   Blue   Tour   began   like   this   and   entered   ourlives. Now, we all have that inheritance from Cevat Sakir.After landing in Bodrum, we went to rental boats. They willbe   our   home   in   the   coming   days.   They'll   be   a   whole   newfamily with its captain, his crew. We're landing in the harbor.The giant masts of the boats are drawing a beautiful pictureagain. It's like we're in a big castle, and all these boats feellike they're rooms of this castle. The crew of the rented boatmeets us then.  I have  already   forgot   the  crowd   of  the  bigcity, its tiredness. I let the blue tour took me already awayfrom everything.We   start   to   take   sailing   slowly.   We   don't   know   what   willhappen. If you are imaginative, you will turn your face to thesunset   for   two   minutes   and   you   will   create   your   legendswith   the   wind   that   hits   your   face.   I   don't   know   if   you'vefallen in love with the mermaids or you're fighting with thepirates, but you've already gone, and you've already takenthe beauties of the blue cruise as if you never wanted to goback from that magical world.The stars already started to blink. We ate our food, the windis getting colder a bit now, I get goose bumps, but I'm justlaughing  with  a  feeling  of  nice  grip  that  caresses me.  Thecrew of the rental boat is quite ready, of course, they knowthat we don't want to think about anything, except for thenights   and   days   we   want   to   spend   perfectly.   But   thatmoonlight on the sea, isn't it the dance of little shining cutecreatures in the sea? I, can't get enough of it to watch. Thisis my favorite moment in a blue voyage, you can fall asleepwith the feeling  of cold in  the  evenings,  you  fall  asleep  inthe slight shaky of the boat, the sea and the sand has left asweet fatigue and you will leave it slowly.The   morning   of   the   blue   tour   is   also   different   from   themorning   of   the   city.   Again,   we   wake   up   by   witnessing   thesweet rush of the boat's crew. When you see them, smile ontheir faces is just for us to see that breakfast table, and wecry in happiness. The smell of tomatoes, peppers, all thosecheese   and   vegetables   cannot   be   found   in   the   city,   I   ampretty   sure.   I'm   not   even   talking   about   the   scent   of   thesweet sea around you. We're pretty good at breakfast, but
not too exaggerated. we're going to drown ourselves in theblue waters, right?The sun slowly warmed here up a bit, so we jump into thedeep blue waters crushing of the cold water and waking usup. Then we want to go far a bit as if the sea calling for us.But it is interesting that I do not only want to swim but alsodrink   that   salty   water,   it   smells   so   clean,   it   seems   that   Icannot   believe   every   time.   The   green   meets   the   blues,everything is dancing around me.Of   course,   not   only   the   beauty   of   Bodrum,   Fethiye,Marmaris,   Gokova   are   taking   all   the   blue   round   is   taking.There are memories, we meet beautiful people constantly,as   if   they   met   them   in   these   clean   beautiful   places,   theirhearts are always smiling, they are welcoming us on theseshores. It is such an intimacy that we think that the guestsof the country, not to visit their guests are almost welcome.Not only the history of people but also fascinates every timeyou   touch.   It   does   not   come   to   the   people   of   such   anexperience,   all   these   remains,   ruined   cities   on   the   fallenmountains. The more he reads, the more he draws himselfall those ancient cities. Are these theaters, the libraries, theplaces   where   people   have   traveled,   shopped,   and   foughtcenturies ago? Another pivotal part of the blue tour is thefact   that   these   bays   have   taken   care   of   these   historicalvalues and how it protects them.We return to our rental boat every day with sweet fatigue. Iknow   one   of   the   sweetest   feelings   of   the   blue   voyage   isthat.   Because,   the   crew   just   takes   that   fatigue   away   fromyour shoulder as if it takes your jacket. We feed our stomachagain   at   sea   scented   tables.   Zeki   Müren's   songs   areaccompanied   by   the   smell   of   anise,   and   we   know   he   washere   as   well:   another   Bodrum   lover,   who   took   inspirationfrom Bodrum and inspired Bodrum. We hear our hearts witha   smile   on   our   faces,   then   we   can   hear   our   own   voiceperhaps   for   the   first   time,   everyone   is   just   listening   theirowns thanks to nature’s warm and cuddles. Of course, I getdrunk   from   these   feelings,   and   again   I   sleep   in   the   in   themollusk bosom of the boat, like a mother’s lap.The last days of sadness crashes a little now, doesn’t it? Thenoise of the city is already in my ears, but the blue roar, thenoise of the sea rustle is still fighting the ruthlessness of the
city, and you know that you will come back here, you knowthat already. It is always there, these beauties, this nature,this   green,   this   blue,   that   boat,   your   house,   your   mother,your   father,   your   brother   or   sister   they   are   always,   eventhey are your lover. The crew says a tempting goodbye witha nice ceremony, saying that come back again. Thank youall for all your work and this amazing blue voyage again...