Luxury Yacht Rental

We've   been   trapped   in   our   homes   again.   We   couldn't   listen   toourselves for a whole long period of time, children's schools, projectsto be worked on, rush working hours and so on. All those coldweathers,   works,   expenses   and   tiredness   are   all   around   us.   So,obviously   the   time   to   escape   from   here   ...   Far   away,   to   theMediterranean and Aegean coves, to taste the blue and green, even tolive the luxury ...I do not know what comes to your mind, but to my mind, when it issaid the luxury, a boat full of new, shining furniture coming from theall green wood comes, feels like it sings lullaby of the whistling sea.I'm writing all these with a smile on my face since it is funny to callthem boat, it should be called ship, I guess!I think this is the most beautiful part of the luxury yacht charter,going on your blue journey in a home with no responsibility for youenjoying all these Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts. As if the wildnature of the bays, the waves of the sea cannot hurt you on theseluxury yachts. The boats are subject to the VIP service. From all thesecuisines to your beautifully clean cabins, everything feels like it’s amama’s home. Of course, the smiley crew shouldn’t b forgotten inthis manner as well...Then let me tell you a few things in our luxury yachts, let's walkaround in those beautiful dreams ...After leaving the buzz of the city behind us, we reached Bodrumbeaches. We proceeded in the harbor to our luxury yacht, which has afield view, covered by many masts. A thrill inside me, I know I willfeel very special, as if the world is mine, I will open my arms to thesea with the luxury yacht behind me and I know that I will challengelegends.When we arrived on our luxury yacht, we were welcomed by oursweet captain and of course by his professional crew. The luxuryyacht’s greetings were also high-end. We started our holiday with abeautiful ceremony. We fed ourselves with beautiful dinner and aftermeeting with our team we settled in our cabins. I don't know how totell, but that's a luxury yacht. Razor-like sheets, wooden furnitureshining, the boards beneath your feet are so soft, the aura that makesyou feel at the spa is even excited. Not only the cabins, but also the
colors that come to mind when we speak of blue cruise, white, blue,brown, luxury yachts that make us think that we are as special as weare in a movie set.We are opening our wings like a dove crawling over the sea withwhite sails. Captain turns the route to Bodrum beaches, our bluevoyage begins here. I cannot finish the narrative, what to tell about,the blue eternity, dolphins playing games at the bottom of the glass-like water or the sense of freedom given by the luxury yacht?It leaves a smile on my face knowing that those cabins belong to thegullet yachts that used to be used by Halicarnassus Fisherman to gofor blue cruises that are also specifically manufactured in easternMediterranean coast. They are formerly designed for fishermen andsponge hunters and evolved into luxury yachts, as the main elementof the blue voyage.We take the roads with these stories. The Aegean and MediterraneanCoasts are exactly made for blue voyage.At every shore we anchor,whether on our luxury yachts or in cold, blue waters, we always havea luxury and comfort.On the deck of our luxury rental boat, we haveour wonderful breakfast, which is carefully prepared by the cabincrew. The sound of the birds, the sound of the wind, the feeling ofloneliness with the peace and the feeling of joy with the others caressus. Is it not harmful to come together in such luxury and peace?The most important places on Bodrum Beach are Orak Island, SevenIslands, English Harbor, Sedir Island, Çökertme Bay, Tuzla Bay andPabuç Cape and many others. The excitement of us is growing as weturn our route to Orak Island. To see the deep of those clear bluewaters is a big chance to us who are coming from those big greycities. Not only the sea of Orak Island but Çökertme Bay which hasall those stone houses, bringing blue and white with the streetstogether is also giving us happiness. Here is the life of a town thatwill take the blue tour to another dimension. Again, the hearts arewarm, faces are smiling, we spend a lovely evening with the localpeople as our mother hugged ourselves.Peacefully we wake up with the first light of the morning anotherday. Captain turns our route to the Seven Islands where incense treesand exquisite resin smell dominate. One of the first things that comesto mind when it comes to blue cruise is diving. Snorkeling, simplefree diving, fishing rod and harpoon equipment or sponge collection
activities   are   given   as   a   gift   with   the   luxury   yacht   rental.  Theunbelievably beautiful  underwater cruise  also spices  up the  bluevoyage.Every time we live brings joy and tranquility as we are jumping intothe arms of these bays. From the temple of Apollo to the ruins of thehistoric city of Kedrai, from the fortifications and towers of the city,we see a lot of those pieces and we touch upon the experiences here.The feeling of the blue tour on the Mediterranean and Aegean coastshas always affected me deeply. One of the most interesting is theplace where Cleopatra has been the subject of legends, the goldensand that fascinates the viewers. There is nothing pampering as muchas a sun bath on the golden sands. Then, Pabuç Burnu comes around.Coming with its emerald-colored waters, it's taking away our hearts.It's like caressing our souls with the underwater wonder.Well we are so tired, we have seen and witnessed many beauties butlet it be a surprise for you, right? Then mornings come and we'refeeding on the fabulous meals again, the friendly team is always thereto do what we want and when. We are always in our comfort zones,our stomach is full, we lean on our captain trusting him for hisexperiences, for all these years. In the evening, we draw our house toa   bay,   again   with   the   smell   of   the   sea   in   the   table,   with   thedrunkenness brought by nature and delicious flavors we end ournights.The hardships within us, all that sorrow and pain even remains awayfor a week-ten days, and the coves are caressing us up as if they areprotecting us. We come to the end of our holiday with beautifulexperiences that we live in the comfort of our luxury yacht.The happiness of those memories gathered in such a short timecannot be expressed with words. we have tasted meanings of goingfrom the gray holes of cities to the summit of these blues, renting aluxury boat, living in this comfort. The friendly service of the crewand our experienced captain gave us the feeling of trust that made ourblue journey even more beautiful.On the last day of the holiday, sweet sadness collapses. Somehow, Iwant to get this luxury yacht as a home. I know I want a lot, but thetaste of this blue voyage will be remained. Blue cruise, blue voyage,Mediterranean-Aegean coast, all these words will tear my heart againin a long winter. I’ll wait for the summer. I come back to the warm,
kind house that is floating under the stars. Ramses Yachting and hergorgeous team, thank you a lot!