Blue Voyage

In this beautiful country covered with seas on three sides, there are deep blue coves that areunseen and unheard of even if they are nearby; and these coves will refresh you and enchanteveryone with its beauty. There is the tranquility of the gardens of the paradise where you cannotget your eyes off while looking deeper. People from all around the world who have come for theBlue voyage to see these beauties have fallen in love with these lands and go back to theircountries with feelings quite different than before. Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Göcek, Antalya...Each one of these untouched virgin coves will fascinate your soul more than the other. Becausethere are no highways to reach many of them, they have remained clean and sparkling to thepresent day. Green and blue are wrapped into each other as if they are lovers. You cannot haveenough of these priceless beauties. Is there anything better to do than waking up in the morningand jump into clear water to start the day? The blue voyage means having your breakfast in theboat after getting out of the cold Aegean sea in a scorching hot day. It means taking a nap on thedeck and reuniting with the salt of the sea after. Take a sip of your tea on the bow in front of aunique       beauty       while       the       sun       is       setting.While the wind whispers and you smell the sea, enjoy the tranquility of caressing the head ofyour son who has closed his eyes with exhaustion because he did not get out of the water all day.Sit at the table for dinner with the scents from the kitchen, and start your feast with the deliciousappetizers that your chef made. Maybe the main course is the fish that you caught earlier, aswarm as the conversation with your friends at the table. It is a beautiful fish that you keep in thedaytime and perhaps as hot as your conversation with your friends on your table. Lay down onthe comfortable cushions on the deck and drink your coffee, joyfully, under the stars.A cool, slight wind will refresh your warm summer evenings before a nice sleep. In the sea, youwake up early no matter how late you go to sleep. Nobody knows if it is because of the clean airor the fact that you want to live every second of the voyage to the fullest, but a couple of hours ofsleep a night is enough while you are on the Blue voyage. Feel the coolness of the deep bluewaters of the Mediterranean Sea when you jump off the deck at sunrise. Swim to the shore andcount the pebbles lying at the bottom of the clear waters, they have been waiting for you to comehere for thousands of years. Who knows who has embraced those shores through history? Howmany fishermen have stopped in the same coves to this day? How many ships passed in front ofthe same beach, in it the sailors who are longing for their families?  When the time comes to weigh the anchor and sail, you feel the sadness. You never want to leavethis garden of paradise. Your eyes beg to the captain, silently, to not go away, to stay thereforever. But it is a short, pleasant journey to reach a place even more beautiful than before. When the young deckhand is anchoring, you start to get excited to meet with the cool, deep bluewaters right away. From the deck of the boat, you give yourself over to the waters of your newhost on the deck of the boat and start to swim with powerful strokes. In these most beautifulcoves of the Aegean Sea, the time shows noon before you know it. 
This unique journey is full of surprises. A tray full of cold watermelons and fruits prepared byyour chef appears next to you while you are swimming. This pleasant surprise takes the saltinessof the sea away and refreshes your soul. Delicious food mixed with the smell of pine trees awaitsyou on the boat.It is not known why the food you eat on the sea is more delicious than others; maybe it is becausethe fact that every sailor has a secret recipe that creates unique flavors, or maybe because of thecleanliness of nature. Surely you will gain a little bit of weight on every boat trip you take, butyou will never forget the taste of the dishes you tasted. While remembering all the tasty foods youate on a cold winter day, you anticipate the next summer impatiently. Surely, you need to listen to music on the deck and have fun with your friends. Going on a Bluevoyage is the best way to get rid of all the year's fatigue and stress. After hours of fun, you needto rest a bit on the deck, while the wind is blowing softly in the evening. It is also a great activityto take the canoe and paddle in the calm waters of the cove at sunset. You have the opportunity totry various kinds of water sports.The moments that are filled with adrenalin and excitement will add color and fun to your holiday.The white foams follow your boat when your captain sails to another cove. Fishing line is castedto the sea while sailing with a hope of catching a big fish. If you are lucky, a fresh fish capturedfrom the sea will decorate your dinner table at night. After an evening full of laughter, long andpleasant conversations; a backgammon competition is inevitable at nights while you are on aBlue voyage. It's unclear how the day went by when you are sipping your drink.A beautiful, deep sleep comes into existence at night and you feel an indescribable happiness ofwaking up in another bay for the new day. The chirping of birds creates a peace in the morningsof each new day. After the breakfast, the swimming goggles are put on to dive into the waters; allthe while you are filled with the curiosity of discovering new depths. The colors of the coralsfascinate you with each stroke. Different types of fishes float around you shyly, like they want tosay welcome. Indeed, it is necessary to explore the coast and the nature.Can you put a price of taking clean air into your lungs and walking calmly on the beach? Perhapsyou will be excited to take a trip to the history, to a Roman bath, built hundreds of years ago andnow waits you in the next cove. Closing your eyes and dreaming of those times in the historycreate a unique emotion in yourself.There are many historical buildings on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. Anatolia has hostedmany civilizations throughout history. Throughout history, Alexander the Great also lived andenjoyed these beauties, Cleopatra was jealous. Many battles are fought to have these beautifullands. While you are travelling the coves of the Blue voyage, sometimes you come across afishing village and sometimes majestic structures of an ancient city.A history lies just behind the beaches covered with golden sand. The houses, agoras, baths of thepeople who lived hundreds of years ago were now covered with water. It is a very rare privilege,swimming in the beautiful shores of the Aegean and the Mediterranean where you see the ruins ofhistory.
The cool water that touches your tanned skin invites you, again and again, to the freshness of theturquoise blue. In this sparkling sea, you want to stay in the water with every minute that passesby. It is typical that you feel tired after a long day. However, you'll freshen up immediately whenyou smell the delicious vanilla scent coming from pastries and cookies that your chef made,along with a delicious cup of tea.The evening comes even though you were waiting for more, wanting to experience more. Joy fillsyou while you and your family are glancing through the photos that you took, witnessing thetremendous scenery. Your friends’ dreams to be with you and sharing this experience with you iscovered hidden in every comment that you get on the photos you share. During the Blue voyage,your whole week is full of unforgettable memories. Every second is full of unique beauties, peaceand happiness.You fall in love with the blue of the sea, the magic of the sea sparkle. You're not gonna want theway back, after you've had all the beauty. You have acquired new friends from the welcomingAegean people. Naturally, every passenger returning to the harbor occupies a bit of sadness. Youalready start dreaming about and wish the next year comes right away before you even boarded.You experience a very nice vacation adorned with the most beautiful colors of the nature whichyou have never experienced before and you wish it was never over. The impatience of travelingon another route and discovering new places is now in your heart. You'll want to be rejuvenatedwith cool waters and be fascinated by the beauty of turquoise blue bays every minute. At the endof your next journey, the same feelings occupy your heart and every year, beauty of this holidaymakes it irreplaceable for you...